When Hash* is forbidden

The constant buzzing of the fan echoed through the already silent room of Lambang Biru Cottage No.21. I come flying in through the slightly open door, hoping for some delicious blood for my family's meal. I expect that they will all be sleeping, but seems that i am wrong. Some fatso is still sitting in front of his laptop, hammering down the keyboard with some ocassional touchpad slide. His face shows that of great confuse.

In the colony, i was told that i'm the most curious member of the pack. Well, this is not an exaggeratement. This nature of mine has already made my body move to the side of his ear, quickly flapping my transparent wing to cover the range.

After a short observation, seems like this fatso is grieving over the fact that his latest structure data and algorithm assignment details prevent him from using the Hash* data structure. I, as a plain muscleman, did not understand the importance of this HashMap, HashSet, and Hash* thingies he's currently reading. Heck, i didn't even impress the Blood Harvesting 101 lecturer on the practical exam. Ooops, gotta move. This guy is now violently shake his head, while ranting some curse for apparently his own stupidity.

He stops and take time to get some drink. Meanwhile, i use this chance to read his assignment.

Hmm, hmm. LZW Algorithm, String concatenations, arraylists, index, lala lapar, some website showing that HashSet is far faster than the one he's currently implementing, no page showing how to make .contains() method go at constant speed... none of this thing make sense to me!! I can now relate to his problem, as i am also not capable of doing this kind of thing. Guess that the forty marks in his online judge page is not a good score for him. Guess i'll try to do something to- hmm?



                                                        Creature Side Story - End

Ini diketik sebagai rasa pelampiasan frustasi karena ga boleh pakek Hash* buat Tugas1SDA. Memang sih, ada banyak implementasi lain contohnya seperti yang ditulis disini, tapi entah kenapa urang ga mau pakek kode orang. Seenggaknya mau (mencoba) mikir sendiri gitu. WACANA.

Oh ya, i can totally relate to this article, even though i cannot call myself a 'Programmer' for now...


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