Offline and Crumbling

Yup. with this now i'm officially offline.
i don't know if you're gonna care to wonder why the hell i said that i'm officially offline.
i don't know if you're gonna do something to help me get back online.
i don't know if you're even seeing this post.
i don't know.

maybe all of you reader have known, that i'm already at the end of high school. no more practical test to finish. all i need to face now are the national examination and the school examination. i already paid no attention to neither the rumor of the stopping of national examination or even the f*cking teachers in this school, messing with my report card's contents. No, i didn't even care anymore.

my school proud itself for the fact that they already applied the Quantum Learning teaching since some time ago. the main thing about quantum learning is that the students study by the way they like it. maybe you've heard about that. for your info, i was visual-auditory and a net geek. so i like to study while listening to some rhythm from my cellphone. it also serve as the portal for me to get to the net. now they telling me to stop bringing cellphone to school? HELL RIGHT! THANKS TO THAT I'M MENTALLY BRAIN-DEAD, PUNKS!

the worst thing to follow is losing my friends. i know, they were busy for their own damn business, but can't we at least meet together and talk for a while? it's like advancing twelfth grade by sacrificing my own damn property. we only get to talk with each other for about 3 minutes. 3 MINUTES! like talking to begobet!

ah, it's crumbling.
oh, it's crumbling.
what the fuck...

oh okay... asking the world to return to previous state is like asking god to have children. and i'm not talking about Jesus Christ here. i just wished that after all the tetek-bengek in this school is done for god's sake, my good life i knew stops crumbling.


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