The Dark

I've been through the Dark...
I've been through the Light...
I've been through the Void...

The Dark
the Dark promised me a wonderful and happy time, unaware of the light. Something clicked in the dark, allured the weak soul inside to enter the abyss of malice. The Pegasus cried, shooting her snow missile through where my sternum resides. I coughed blood. Everything went red. I cursed the Pegasus, drawing both Tsukigiri in my arms, and jumped. The Pegasus cry echoed as crimson blood spill her neck, body, and legs, coloring the proud, holy horse in red. She fell to the ground, with deep scarring wounds down her abdomen. Seems like no place left for wounds to reside anymore. I trashed, slashing the Pegasus where the Dark tell me where I should slash.

"Will... you save..... me?"

voices resonated in my ear. The voice was kind, calming, and full of hope, even if the voice looked as if the source is dying. I instantly knew it was the Pegasus's dying voice -or should i call 'Dying Message'- as the mental voice the Pegasus emanated slowly fell in volume with fading words.

"I am.... proud... of..... you, my.... hero, Grevin"

Eyes turn white and watery. Soul dried up and diminished. I knelt to the ground, howling in pain and sadness as light struck my eye, mind, and soul, shooing the Dark away. I could feel my strength sapped away by the light. Tsukigiri fell to the ground with firm, clattering voice. Then the rest is silence...


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